Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Pisses me BS conservatives !

This is the problem these folk think that with men and women fighting overseas they should take the time make silly fucking jokes about Democrats. It reflects the problem with the entire country we dont have any values anymore. People tell themselves they are Republicans but they are are carpet baggers squatting on the memory of the great republican leaders of the past.

War"? We are not at war here. We are operating as the de facto security arm of the Iraqi government. As bad as Hitler ? fuck me must we bring Hitler up every time we need to look for justification it’s absolute BS. Hitler and Saddam have absolutely nothing to do with each other, did we invade Stalin, Mao, Castro, Tito ? .

Republicans want credit for Iraq ? the most incompetent military catastrophe since in US history?

Fuck I would be happy to re hire Saddam and tell him to clean the place up !. You say OMG well at least most people could live in peace when he was in power. He is responsbile fo genocide ? What the fuck have we been doing there of the last 4 year? Genocide by incompetence? If this is the war on terror the Bsuh is Genreal Custer!

Those of you who are repbulcians who support politicians who lead our brave men and women so incompetently? .I dont give a fuck about whether Saddam killed people or was a bad man (boo hoo) . I also don’t give a fuck about what the democrats say ! I care about what conservatives say ! and the conservatives I see who are leading us have not one sceric of morale fibre , they are liars theives and villians.

If you guys want to engage in a debate with the mental patients then go for it but its mute it’s a bullshit debate it takes us away from holding the government responsible and it puts conservatism at risk of being totally thrown out of office.

You guys are defending the indefensible and diverting your real beliefs for party political reasons. Are we really going to invade every tin pot dictator in the world on the basis that they aren’t democratic, or they kill or torture their own people. Even if we bring back the draft are we really planning to invade Iran, North Korea, Pakistan as well?etc etc etc. We have neither the resources nor the will to become the bleeding heart savior of the world its hopelessly naïve and plain stupid.

Nor do we have the leadership that in anyway could pull it off. The truth is I think you guys should have a good look at yourselves. None of you believe that we are being led in a competent manner, none of you believe that this government is truly a reflection of your beliefs or values. All of your harbor deep deep questions about the integrity of this administration. Do you guys really think this is a war with the democrats ? The truth is all the present politicians are completely incompetent lying sell outs who don’t deserve to be in office. The entire American system has been subverted by money and lobby groups intent on controlling the country for own benefits. If this is really a fight for the survival of civilization then GWB you have made a piss poor effort to date. If we are serious we should ban all lobbyists and large political donations and make our leaders convince us the old fashioned way. Make em stand and deliver the old way make em do things for the people instead of large corporations.


Blogger Joe Visionary said...

Good to see you back.

Nice to see you're not holding back either. Go gettim!

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Blogger MatthewJohnson said...

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Happy New Year.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

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