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What Pisses me OFF (The Taliban enrolling at YALE!)

Something must be in the Kool-Aid at Yale University. The ivy-covered gates that once enclosed one of America’s most distinguished universities now contain a collection of military-hating leftist radicals, whose disdain for America knows no bounds. I am seriously starting to wonder whether the Prozac Nation has gone nuts. Ok the left is crazy but why is this allowed to happen at all. All government funding for Yale should be withdrawn. If Republicans are serious we must deal wit these leftist schools, they are poisoning the minds of the future leaders of America.

No other school where the administration has banned the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps since 1969, has driven recruiters off campus and actually sued the United States government to keep the military away is interested in the welfare of America.

Although Yale is not the only elitist college to spit in the face of men and women in uniform, they recently stooped to a new low.

Last fall, while the American military that was denied access to Yale and were off fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, Yale University was busy celebrating the arrival of their newest student, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, the former Deputy Foreign Secretary of the Taliban. He was admitted into a non-degree program, with a chance to gain full degree-seeking status in 2006. “In some ways I’m the luckiest person in the world,” Hashemi told the New York Times on February 26.

“I could have ended up in Guantanamo Bay. Instead I ended up at Yale.”
That’s right, a high-ranking official of the brutal Taliban, the terrorist regime that harbored Osama Bin Laden, is now kicking back and relaxing at Yale! Of course, it doesn’t matter to the leftist administration that Hashemi only has a fourth-grade education, never took the SATs and is totally academically unfit to attend any college, let alone an elite institution like Yale which only accepts ten percent
of applicants.

Apparently, Hashemi was too good of a catch for Yale to let him get away. According to the New York Times, Yale had “another foreigner of Hashemi’s caliber apply for special-student status.” Said former Dean of Admissions Richard Shaw, “We lost him to Harvard. I don’t want that to happen again.”

Who could that have been? One of Slobodan Milosevich’s ethnic cleansers? Maybe a lieutenant of Bin Laden’s? Perhaps a protégé of Idi Amin?
Shaw gushed that his admissions interview with Hashemi “was one of the most interesting I’ve ever had,” and told the Times, “This is a person to be reckoned with and who could educate us about the world.”
Isn’t that awesome? The spokesman for the Taliban is here to educate America about how we need to cut off the fingers of women who wear nail polish, encourage husbands to beat their wives and publicly torture and murder homosexuals, all with the help and support of Yale University.

That he was granted a student visa is criminal, and Yale publicly flaunting his admission is sickening and hypocritical. The university administration’s alleged reason for suing to ban military recruitment on campus was that the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy supposedly violates the civil rights of homosexuals. Now Yale is proud as a peacock to parade around their new poster boy, whose policy on gays was to stone them.
While Yale certainly should accept students regardless of ideology, leaping at the chance to enroll a woman-beating, gay-torturing, terror-linked, former Taliban officer with a fourth grade education, while banning the ROTC, is a slap in the face to America and the Armed Forces still fighting the Taliban.


Blogger Joe Visionary said...

For what it's worth, I'd point out that presently your spending about $250 TRILLION dollars to change the minds of Iraqis by shoving guns in their faces and dropping bombs on their neighbourhoods.

While I can't account for the ROTC slight, by comparison Yale is attempting to change a single mind with considerably less horror and much less cash.

I'm not going to suggest that Yale's attempt is going to have miraculous results, but then there's some debate on how effective the invasion has been.

Bringing these people out of what we might call the Dark Ages is no simple matter. If you're already committed to doing so because you needed to find those WMDs, it may be worthwhile to try more than one approach.

... just a note from the cheap seats...

1:08 PM  
Blogger Pissed Off Old Man said...

Hi Joe,

It's ironic that many of the traditonal Republicans (like myself ) agree with many of your points. Traditonal conservatives don't believe in trying to end tyranny in the manner attempted in the Iraq war, nor do we believe in many of the interventionist foriegn policies of the current Bush dynasty. I think you mean't $250 Billion dollars and not trillion, but I woluld would put it higher a recent study at Harvard put it at $1-2 trillion, when you add the $30 trillion in unfunded liabilites that the US has going into the future then it makes little sense for us to be rolling around the middle east .

It might surprise you that there are many people who are well to the right of Bush who have major problems with this President.

On the Yale issue I believe we need to be sensible. Importing radicals into our finest schools is not conservative or sensible. I would rather see the place go to some needy Afro American or Hispanic than some lunatic from the Taliban.

2:00 PM  
Blogger Joe Visionary said...

I must confess, that $250 trillion is a huge number, but you can see for yourself here.

A very refreshing note about your last comment: I don't know that I've ever seen a selfless comment as I would rather see the place go to some needy Afro American or Hispanic than some lunatic from the Taliban from an American conservative/Republican.

Normally, it's always 'the every man for himself' and 'people need to take the initiative' etc, ignoring the gross inequities that life hands us. Thank you.

I can only hope that more Republicans feel as you do. My fear is that you're from an older era, and much of today's conservatives are ruled by what I've come to know as the Great American Pissing Contest.

Perhaps I can understand why you're as pissed off as you are.

5:11 AM  
Blogger Pissed Off Old Man said...

Joe, $249,444,659,643 is $250 Billion not Trillion to be $250 Trillion it would have to be $249,249,444,659,643.

There are many people within the Republican Party are very concerned about the Bush policies.

Kevin Phillips is one I have met personally but there are many more.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Joe Visionary said...

Sorry for the gaff, and thanks for correcting me.

4:58 AM  

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