Monday, March 20, 2006

What Pisses me OFF (America is mentally ill)

Some people wont like this post but stick with it , it's meant to provoke discussion and thought.

I believe America is in the grip of a collective mental disorder. I see it as a form of provoked insanity. Most Americans believe the USA leads the world with form of national exceptionalism and virtuous hegemony . We believe we are a great nation but there is something awfully wrong with this belief, it just doesn't bear examination. The left in this country (and there are allot of them ) seem to hate their own country. The story about the Taliban signing up to Yale is a great example WTF ! (my Grandson taught me that one) that's surely crazy bye anyone's point of view. ...............(anyone that's sane anyway) But its not just the left!, the right seems to have lost its marbles as well !. The Dubai Ports deal is the craziest thing I have heard. I watched one conservative after another trying to justify handing over our ports to a family in Dubai. (WTF!) .

Bushes ravings about the end of tyranny and the US leading the free world reflects a national megalomania that is only aware of a delusionary popularity between the national myth and the reality. Is he living in the same country as me ????? We are witnessing the disintegration of America. We export all our jobs to India or China, then borrow money from the same folk so we can buy back what they make, and in our spare time we take on all the worlds problems single handedly (and get hated for it). Meanwhile our countries getting over run by South Americans and we just see hear and worry about whether Iraqis are felling happy or sad. WTF its all sounding like crazy talk.

.............that's not to mention the $35 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. Watching condo Rice last night on TV there is this assumption that the US are here to play this grandiose role in the future of the world. The difficulty that some of us in the USA see , in this grandiose vision and role is that the US model doesn't reflect something that many of us feel should be replicated anywhere at all (well not at the moment maybe 30 years ago) . .............And before you folk on the right arc up about me saying that, take a long time to ponder what you see. Look around watch the filth on television, the internet, the pork barreling, schooling, education, crime, abortion, drugs, illegals its all falling apart , everything is getting worse not better.

We talk about America the great country and I believe it is but something has gone terribly wrong and it seems to be happening right across the board. There about a dozen politicians in this country who I would trust to run the country, most of them are Replublicans like Ron Paul, Roscoe Bartlett, Chuck Hagel, Wayne Gilchrest and McCain seem to be pushing back in sensible direction, they seem to stand for the values that made America great. But maybe we have telling ourselves we have been great for to long. My father used to scold me when I told anyone I was great , boasting was never considered a mark of character in those days myabe it should not be seen as a mark of character for a nation.

My reading of the American fear of the Muslim / Islamic is that its just the latest manifestation some kind of psychosis. We seem to fear another 9/11 but we oddly think that going to Iraq will protect us from them but we still leave the borders open to anyone with a spade and miners lamp? . Rumsfeld and Co basically invented the Islamic threat to fight the USSR in Afghanistan and their little Islamic Frankenstiens got away on them.

The have created a level of national fear that suited their ends but failed to respond to the real threat ot our homeland. My view is that the American system has significant instability built into its sociology that if displayed in an individual would be considered mental illness.

Republicans once stood for five principles

1. Balanced Budget
2. Constitutional Government
3. Personal Liberty and privacy
4. Non interventionist foreign policy
5. States Rights

WTF! is going on here. Is the ending of tyranny in the world a conservative idea or is it liberal ? Conservative ideas a re achievable, is ending tyranny achievable ? ...........or is this a undefinable goal and have really gone to WAR with this as a goal ? It is not conservative to fight wars in far away lands while borrowing $9 trillion from your enemies to do it.

American exceptionalism echoes a collective form Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
NPD is characterized by inflexible, deeply ingrained, maladaptive patterns of adjustment to life that cause either subjective distress or significant impairment of adaptive functioning within the world that they find themselves. I wonder if it's the greater manifestation of Tofflers "future shock" where people become so stressed by a changing world that as a collective they become a dysfunctional culture.

It was Kantor who first described Narcissistic Personality Disorder , when you read through the clinical description its not hard to tick the boxes.

Kantor (1992, pp. 203-204) describes the clinical characteristics of NPD as:

* inordinate self-pride; * self-concern; * an exaggeration of the importance of one's experiences and feelings; * ideas of perfection; * a reluctance to accept blame or criticism; * absence of altruism although gestures may be made for the sake of appearance; * empathy deficit; and, * grandiosity. The idea takes a bit consideration to fully understand , essentialy it means that major sector of our society (on both left and right) has lots its bearings to their traditonal beliefs and values.

My father used to have a saying that he said so often it became a family joke. He used to say , " son if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, dont go calling it a swan, say "thats a #$&^ing duck"

He meant that wahtever we were looking at we should show the courage to see what we see rather what we want to see and that the simplist explanation was usually the right one.

Now my description above about NPD is just speculative, the idea is just to make you think. I dont pretend to be a pyschitrist in fact I have no time for such things. But I do think we need to take a close look at what is in front of our eyes. There is something quacking really loud in front of us. I am not sure what it is but I dont like it. So look around what is really in front of us ? What are we all seeing ? are we looking at a duck ? but telling ourselves that it's a swan?

Many many years ago in Phoenix I worked for a Republican by the name of Barry Goldwater. He died before he could see all this happening to America. I often pretend I am looking at things through his eyes, he wouldnt have minced words (and he was good at spotting ducks). I think he would be saying, "Bill, its a damn duck"!.

I am sorry to say the conservatives in this country need to take a huge step (back in time) to the right and they will have to try and bring the middle along with them.


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